Art in the third millennium

sat 06 april 2019
sun 07 april 2019
sat 13 april 2019
sun 14 april 2019
sat 20 april 2019
sun 21 april 2019
sat 27 april 2019
sun 28 april 2019
from h 11.00 to h 11.16
from h 12.00 to h 12.16
cinema Il Piccolo
Via XX Settembre, 14, 75100 Matera, MT, Italia

Suitable for all

It is of geometric shapes constructed on different numeric bases. After Choosing the numeric base (for example 8; 5; 12), the drawing must necessarily develop on this basis and inside will contain multiple or submultiple other geometric figures of the number base chosen (for example 16; 10; 24). Depending on the development of the drawing or geometric figure, it will apply inside some colours which will never be casual but will respect a colour - matching angle determined by the development of a Pythagorean scale, that is, either Doric, or Phrygia, or Lidia. In this case the Mandala will be an artistic objective product, differently if we apply inside colours randomly and arbitrarily, we get an artistic product purely subjective. By observing a Mandala Objective and taking into account one colour, We already know what corners there are at that point we are observing, even without lines which may be derived from the general construction of the geometric figure. Vice versa considering a corner, we already know (chosen the type of scale, Doric, Phrygian either Lydian) what color we insert inside it. The Mandala will be developed theoretically to infinity regardless of the number base chosen. A Static Mandala whether objective either subjective, will be a geometric figure printable on any support glass, etc. or it can be projected. But the image that will come out will be a still image, whose colours are always the same, do not change. In a Dynamic Mandala, now achievable thanks to new technologies, the colors are transformed because the geometric figures, moving, overlap. It can theoretically be formed from a multitude of static Mandala, made dynamic through a computerized intervention that allows movement in a clockwise or counterclockwise, widening or shrinking, pulsing and with all the kinetic possibilities that exist today. The colours of a dynamic Mandala will however be the result of a combination of numbers and objective, focused on the relationship angle-color and applying the music respecting the frequency ratios indicated in the drawing of the triangle sound, we get an artistic product completely objective. A dynamic Mandala full of sound, will have a correspondence Angle - Color - Form and then Sound. The combinations are endless.

ARTIST Nunzio Di Fabio

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40.6679 - 16.6063
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