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Engaging path towards the discovery of Rotondella's peculiar surroundings

sun 28 april 2019 from h 09.00 to h 13.00
Distributore Sergio Petroli
Corso Garibaldi 40 Rotondella (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

The Project “Basilicata in…Cammino” aims to spread the culture of Trekking and Nordic Walking by designing walking paths through the region that will allow temporary and permanent citizens to discover the territory in new ways. Meanwhile visitors will co-produce a network which will emerge through the interaction of different cultures and traditions. The project is designed by the associations Basilicata Adventure from Rotondella, Ceas Legambiente from Lauria, Comitato regionale ARCI from Potenza e l’ A.P.D. il Carrubo Matera (project manager).

“Plants tell us the story of our territory” is a trail chosen and guided by Basilicata Adventure, which leads to the discovery of the unique environment of Rotondella’s territory. The tour will be guided by Dott. Giuseppe Misano – Università della Basilicata and by Giorgio Braschi, Environmental Guide from Parco del Pollino.

The naturalistic area of Lake Candela, which is located at the basis of Mount Coppolo, gets its name as between 1903 and 1905, when the landslides caused the obstruction of a water channel and with it the creation of a wide pond, destined to change both the environment and the life of the farmers living in the surroundings. This lagoon, which brought at a certain point also malaria to the area, disappeared around the 40’s thanks to another landslide. Today it is enchanting to visit the area, the rocks and the water.

Difficulty: touristic, 2km

We advise for comfortable clothing, shoes, water and a hat.

This project is part of Matera 2019's Community Projects group. A community project is a project conceived and carried out by citizens themselves, with the aim to work together and share ideas and processes. Community Projects are inspired by values of Sharing, Gift, Openness, Frugality and Generosity.

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