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Workshop by Art Du Déplacement (ADD)

from sat 01 june 2019
to sun 02 june 2019
from h 10.00 to h 18.00
Piazza Cesare Firrao
Piazza Cesare Firrao Matera (MT)
Piazza degli Olmi
Piazza degli Olmi Matera (MT)
Palazzo del Casale
Via Casale, 63 Matera (MT)
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Suitable for people from 16-30 years old
Suitable for people working in the sector

On the one hand, this workshop will be an opportunity to discover and learn more about ADD as the founders conceived, developed and publicised it, while on the other it offers the chance to find out about some recent developments and new experiments, thanks to the presence of some of the most interesting international coaches around:

- Laurent Piemontesi from Evry, France, is one of the Yamakasi, the founding group of Art Du Déplacement (ADD), a discipline that underpins parkour e freerunning.

- Stevie Koglin from Potsdam, Germany, the CEO of Potsdam in Bewegung - Art du Déplacement Akademie, an internationally-known coach.

- Marcello Palozzo from Padova, co-founder and coach of ParkourWave, trainer for ADAPT certification and an internationally-known coach.

The workshop includes a programme of training sessions held jointly and divided into smaller groups led by three coaches.

LOCATIONS: Piazza Cesare Firrao, Piazza degli Olmi and Vicinato nei Sassi

TIMES: - Meet at 9.45 - Training from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00.

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ARTISTS Laurent Piemontesi

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