Episodic Performance investigating the theme of boundary

theaterarte contemporanea
from mon 30 september 2019
to sun 06 october 2019
from h 00.00 to h 00.00
Piazza Vittorio Veneto
Piazza Vittorio Veneto Matera (MT)
Free - while seats last

Suitable for all

Matera Città Aperta will investigate and experiment with the theme of boundary, understood as a physical and material separation but also as a non-visible separation.

The performance will be made up of episodes on diversity, division, the construction of barriers, the exercise of power, as well as inclusion, participation and the breaking down and crossing of borders. The performance will take place continuously within the span of a week.

It will start by drawing a line that will divide the city in two parts, growing as it becomes an insurmontable boundary, a wall symbolising our current contradictions - on the one hand there is a hyperconnected dimension, on the other a social reality facing separations and inequalities.

utopie e distopie

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ARTISTS Rabii Brahim
Lily Benromdhane
Nadia Casamassima
Anna D’Adamo
Ali Sohna
Alessandra Crocco
Alessandro Miele

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Corps Citoyen
40.6669 - 16.6062
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