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Cacciatori d'ombra

Via Giuseppe Di Vittorio, 8, ruvo di puglia (BA)

The Photographers Association “Cacciatori d’Ombra” (“Shadow Hunters”) was born out of the encounter between a few photography lovers, who happened to cross each other’s path due to a combination of favourable circumstances; their shared passion immediately became so infectious that, as a group, they set out to carry out photographic projects, by both members of the association and other photographers. The aim of the founding members is to promote a culture of photography which, starting from each photographer’s emotions and views, tries to meet the sensitivity and passion of various people in various physical contexts, in such a way that the infectious passion becomes an act of “narration” and cooperation. The Association has been active in Apulia for more than two years in the organisation of photographic exhibitions as well as other cultural events. More recently the Association started working in partnership with the Film Club “Canudo” and the Community Center for Arts based in the Tupputi Palace in Bisceglie, where a few photographic exhibitions took place: the collective exhibition “SOL - Senza Ombra di Luce” (“SOL – With no Shadow of Light”), examining the mirror-like relationship between shadow and light in photography; the exhibition “Sartorie” (“Tailor’s Shops”), by Ida Chiatante, which throws a spotlight on the main characters in the tailoring world – tailors, their clothes and their ateliers; the exhibition “Sorelle” (“Sisters”), by Eva Kosloski, which tells the story of two sisters who are kin to the scientist A. Einstein. The Association carried on its activity by organizing a meeting and workshop with the photographer Francesco Faraci, from Palermo (Sicily), resulting in a successful exhibition of the works of the participants in the workshop. In October 2017 the Association invited Francesco Comello, winner of the World Press Photo Third Prize, to give a talk. Moreover, the Association is engaged in the promotion and planning of educational activities related to photography within schools.


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