sat 23 march 2019 from h 16.00 to h 19.00
Al Jalil Yoga
Via San Pietro Caveoso, 6, 75100 Matera, MT, Italia
€ 15,00

Suitable for all

A journey into the Emotional Self to conquer
of Happiness.
 - the birth -

 Psychomotor and bioenergetics itinerary
 Dialogue with the Child ego and rebalancing
 Circle of sharing and feedback on

What's this .
SurfingE-MotionsLAB "wants to be a
communication path and energy rebalancing
through the activation of a Emotional System
useful for the balanced management of the relationship between
the rational self and the emotional self.
It is designed as a laboratory of
growth and development of the consciousness in which we will experiment
a return to the essence of the self, availing us
in an integrated way of the vast knowledge
of Analogic Disciplines, or of the
laws and rules that govern emotional languages e
the relational dynamics in the human being, as well as the teachings of philosophies and knowledge
ancient wisdom, which have always spoken
of illumination, mysticism, self-healing and
creation of reality.
SufingE-MtionsLAB is conceived as a journey aimed at guiding us in the experience of our memories
emotional, in order to decompress the negative ones
(pain, anger, fear, etc.) and to arrive
to happiness / peace, as well as aimed at activating those processes
that we can use to change the
our mind, our emotions and evolve.
In SurfingE-MotionsLAB we learn to
recognize the role of our thoughts, of the
our beliefs and beliefs in determining
our response to stress and to modify them
through leverage work techniques
on neuroplasticity and on dialogue / deep contact
and directed with our emotional part.
We learn to communicate with it, to decode non language
verbal through which it communicates its profound needs, to make complete experience of our emotions, a
mobilize the energy they are made of in order
to use them to plan, conquer ours
goals in freedom and in peace with ours
conscience, that is to live our life more fully.

The activity takes place barefoot. To wear
comfortable clothing and wear socks.

participation fee € 15

Rosalia Stellacci, cell. 389/1986778

Angela La Fortezza, cell.329 / 0149582

Nicola Sacchetti, cell. 338/9881813

ARTIST Angela la Fortezza
Nicola Sacchetti

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