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from h 18.30 to h 19.30
Al Jalil Yoga
Via San Pietro Caveoso, 6, 75100 Matera, MT, Italia

Suitable for all

Every First Wednesday of the month
from 18:30 to 19:30
for info and reservations leave a message at 389 19 86 778

Reiki is information, LOVE, energy and anyone can be an antenna of life for oneself and others. Rebalanced to a natural state of being, energy brings benefits in all spheres: '' physical, energetic (emotional, relational), mental and spiritual ''.
Reiki is centered on the heart, connection with the present.

REIKI is something that goes beyond a weighty and individual well-being treatment. Starting to practice reiki activates a continuous growth of oneself, in love and for love. Reiki is the same not only of energy, but of opinions, perceptions and experience. to share means to draw from the universal source. Our growth is also the growth of others.
Mikao Usui was a teacher at a Christian school of priests in Kyoto, Japan. he traveled a lot in his life, and he saluted his knowledge in India where he studied the sacred texts. The dott. Usui in addition to Japanese, English and the world also knew the ancient Indian Sanskrit.
Back in Japan at the age of 57, he discovered in the Sutra Buddhi, written more than 2500 years earlier in Sanskrit, some formulas and some symbols, which clearly contained the answers to his queries. The next morning on the way to reach the mountain Kurama, away from the monastery 27 km. He had in heart of meditation for 21 days in the solitude of the mountain, fasting, hoping in this way to be able to speak with the level of the symbols and thus examine their content of truthfulness. He placed 21 small pebbles in front of him, subtracting one each day. This would have served as a calendar. During this period nothing unusual happened. On the last day, when it began to dawn, but the darkness still cloaked everything, he saw a sudden light moving rapidly over him. It began to grow, and grew, grew, until it hit the center of the forehead. He thought of dying, then saw millions of tiny bubbles of all the colors of the rainbow, which particularly reflected the blue, lavender and pink color. Finally a white light appeared to him. He saw in front of the Sanskrit family letters in bright gold and then said "Yes, I remember".
This is the rebirth of Reiki according to the Usui system.

ARTIST Al Jalil Yoga

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